Apple rehires Doug Field, reportedly for Project Titan

Business 8/10/2018, 9:27 AM
Apple rehires Doug Field, reportedly for Project Titan

The former vice president of the iPhone maker returned to the world's largest publicly traded company, with anonymous sources familiar with the matter telling Daring Fireball's John Gruber that the contract was signed for the secretive selfdriving car unit. Doug Field is back at Apple Inc., the company acknowledged. He has held top positions in Tesla Inc. for four and a half years since the departure.

The endeavor code-named Project Titan, formerly known as Apple Car, is led by Bob Mansfield, the technology giant's former hardware engineering head as well, while the new-old hire used to be the chief particularly for the Mac division. The report notes Apple and Tesla have both been poaching each other's management stars.

Field also used to be Segway's chief technology officer, before he came to Apple in 2008. Other than that, he has worked for Ford and DEKA. At Tesla, Field's latest assignment, as senior vice president of engineering, was Model 3.

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