Dow drops 500pts on Trump's China remarks

Markets 12/14/2018, 8:38 PM
Dow drops 500pts on Trump's China remarks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 500 points on Friday after United States President Donald Trump stated a deal with China was close. The president commented on China's announcement regarding its economy slowdown, underlining that the US economy was "doing very well."

The Dow lost 2.09% at 8:41 pm CET, with Johnson & Johnson plunging 9.40% on reports concerning asbestos in baby powder. The Nasdaq 100 dropped 2.32% at 8:42 pm CET, with Adobe losing 6.59% after it posted its corporate earnings report yesterday. The S&P 500 was 20.1% in the red at 8:43 pm CET, dragged down by the healthcare sector.

The euro lost 0.52% against the greenback to change hands for 1.1305 at 8:46 pm CET.

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Johnson & Joh...+0.84%

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Adobe Systems+3.33%

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US SPX 500 In...+0.24%

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US Wall Stree...+0.24%

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US Tech 100 I...+0.12%

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