Facebook suspends Trump's campaign data-analysis companies

Politics 3/17/2018, 5:08 AM
Facebook suspends Trump's campaign data-analysis companies

Facebook suspended Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) as well as their political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica from the platform, the tech giant's Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal said in a release. The companies ran data operations for United States President Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

"In 2015, we learned that a psychology professor at the University of Cambridge named Dr. Aleksandr Kogan lied to us and violated our Platform Policies by passing data from an app that was using Facebook Login to SCL/Cambridge Analytica, a firm that does political, government and military work around the globe," the statement reads, adding that the social media platform removed the app from Facebook, upon which the company received "certifications from Kogan and all parties he had given data to that the information had been destroyed."

However, according to the statement, Facebook learned not all data was deleted and is moving towards confirming the accuracy of the information. Meanwhile, the tech giant decided to suspend "SCL/Cambridge Analytica, Wylie and Kogan from Facebook, pending further information."

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