Google to add 12,000 new workers in New York City

Business | Technology 11/8/2018, 5:50 PM
Google to add 12,000 new workers in New York City

Google Inc. is planning an expansion of its New York City offices by buying or leasing a new office building in Manhattan's West Village and expanding its current office space in Chelsea Market, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Thursday, citing sources with knowledge on the matter. The company will add approximately 12,000 new workers with the expansion, planning to almost double the number of staff in New York, the report said.

The tech giant's expansion in New York is the latest amid big tech companies moving to the east coast of the United States. Inc. said earlier last week that it is planning to split its second headquarters between two locations, with approximately 25,000 employees in each of the places. The online retail giant decided to expand beyond its Seattle headquarters in search for more talent, WSJ reported earlier this week.

Google did not comment on the West Village purchase reports, but its spokeswoman confirmed the tech giant plans to expand its Chelsea Market venue, which it bought in March for $2.4 billion.

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