Kim speculated to be in train that entered China

Politics | World 1/7/2019, 7:13 PM
Kim speculated to be in train that entered China

Security measures conducted parallel to the crossing of a mysterious train from North Korea to China on Monday prompted guesses that Kim Jong-un, the secluded East Asian country's leader, was on board. Yonhap reported it learned the composition is headed for Beijing and raised the possibility that he would meet President Xi Jinping. A journey to the most populous nation would be Kim's fourth in less than one year. China is currently negotiating with a delegation from the United States on trade and its barriers for foreign investment.

US President Donald Trump has said he would meet his North Korean counterpart in the "not too distant future" to for denuclearization talks. The train station in China's Dandong, just across the border is said to have been blocked as the green train was going through. Japan's Kyodo agency learned guests in hotels weren't allowed into rooms overlooking the bridge at the frontier.

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