Lighthizer: Huawei CFO arrest is judicial matter

Politics 12/9/2018, 5:34 PM
Lighthizer: Huawei CFO arrest is judicial matter

United States Trade Representative, who also leads the trade talks with China, Robert Lighthizer, said on Sunday that the arrest of the Huawei's Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is an "entirely criminal justice matter." Speaking to CBS News, he added that he is not aware of any contacts between the US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping over the detainment that happened on the same day when the two reached a deal to step up talks on resolving trade issues.

Meanwhile, discussions between Washington and Beijing on the next steps in trade are continuing, he added, and if they fail, tariffs will be imposed. Ninety days is a "hard deadline" to reach a trade deal, the official warned.

Lighthizer also briefly denied reports that the president has offered him to replace the departing John Kelly as the Chief of Staff.

Earlier in the day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador over the arrest of Meng and announced "further steps" that would depend on Washington's conduct.

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