N.Korea most volatile, confrontational nuclear threat to US

Politics 2/13/2018, 5:00 PM
N.Korea most volatile, confrontational nuclear threat to US

United States Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats stated on that North Korea was one of "the most volatile and confrontational" nuclear threats to America in the next year, according to a Worldwide Threat Assessment report published on Tuesday.

"North Korea’s history of exporting ballistic missile technology to several countries, including Iran and Syria, and its assistance during Syria’s construction of a nuclear reactor— destroyed in 2007—illustrate its willingness to proliferate dangerous technologies," the report said. Meanwhile, Russia, China and Iran were also among the countries that posed a potential nuclear danger to the US.

Commenting on terrorism, Coats also noted that extremist organization the Islamic State (ISIS) is expected to regroup in Iraq and Syria, "enhancing its global presence, championing its cause, planning international attacks, and encouraging its members and sympathizers to attack in their home countries" while Al Qaida will "almost certainly will remain a major actor in global terrorism." Coats added that Iran remains one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism and that "Sunni violent extremists are still intent on attacking the US homeland and US interests overseas."

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