Google fired 48 in 2 years over sexual harassment

World 10/26/2018, 12:04 AM
Google fired 48 in 2 years over sexual harassment

Google Llc said it fired 48 employees, including senior executives, in the past two years over sexual harassment allegations, following a report by the New York Times that Google's Android creator Andy Rubin was given a $90 million exit package after an investigation into sexual misconduct claims against him.

Google's chief executive Sundar Pichai issued a statement saying that 48 people have been fired for sexual harassment, including 13 senior managers and that no one received "an exit package." "In recent years, we've made a number of changes, including taking an increasingly hard line on inappropriate conduct by people in positions of authority," Pichai said. He added the report on Rubin was "difficult to read" but did not directly comment the article.

The New York Times reported earlier, citing court documents and interviews that "the father of Android," who is now the CEO of Essential, was asked to resign after an investigation into an incident in which he allegedly forced himself on another Google employee. Google confirmed the complaint and Rubin was asked to leave by then-chief executive Larry Page.

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