Hodeida ceasefire takes effect

War / Terrorism 12/18/2018, 1:39 PM
Hodeida ceasefire takes effect

Yemeni officials stated on Tuesday that the port city of Hodeida was calm following the implementation of Monday's ceasefire, according to various media reports.

The ceasefire was originally scheduled to take effect on Monday evening but was delayed due to "operational reasons". It will be monitored by a team of observers that will be deployed "within 24 hours", according to a United Nations (UN) official. Hodeida handles roughly 70% of Yemen's imports and has been fiercely contested by both the Saudi-supported government and the opposing Shiite Houthis.

The two sides agreed on the ceasefire during UN-brokered talks in Sweden last week. Hodeida is currently controlled by the Houthis, although the ceasfire agreement provides for the withdrawal of both sides' armed forces.

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