Russia neutralizes Syria militants who shelled Hmeymim base

Politics 1/12/2018, 5:02 PM
Russia neutralizes Syria militants who shelled Hmeymim base

The Russian military has neutralized a number of militant fighters responsible for the shelling of Syria's Hmeymim airbase on the last day of 2017 which claimed the lives of two servicemen, Russian Defense Ministry stated on Friday.

According to the report, the militants' position was determined by the drones of the Russian Special Operation Forces, after which they were attacked with artillery fire while getting into a minibus in the northwestern parts of Idlib province. "When the terrorists arrived at the facility where they were to board a minibus, the whole subversive group was eliminated by the Krasnopol high-precision munition," the ministry said, adding that the operation included all manpower and material of Russia’s multilevel military intelligence system in Syria.

Also, Russian artillery has reportedly destroyed militants' drone-making facility and a storage depot in the Idlib province. "The Russian military reconnaissance has uncovered a terrorist fixed-wing drone assembly and storage place in the province of Idlib. The depot has been destroyed by the Krasnopol precision artillery munition," the Defense Ministry said.

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