Treasury yields rise after Fed rate hike

Markets 6/13/2018, 8:18 PM
Treasury yields rise after Fed rate hike

United States Treasury yields increased on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve announced it is hiking its short-term interest rate by 0.25 points. Earlier in the day it was reported that producer prices in the country rose more than expected in May.

Yields on two-year treasuries rose by 0.041 basis points to 2.58% while the 10-year bond yields rose 0.022 basis points to 2.98% at 8:13 pm CET. US 30-year Treasuries were 0.012 basis points higher at 3.10% at 8:14 pm CET.

Meanwhile, the euro increased 0.03% against the US dollar to change hands for 1.17496 at 8:15 pm CET. After the decision, markets on Wall Street traded mixed.

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