Trump: Study shows wall would pay for itself

Politics 3/13/2018, 4:34 PM
Trump: Study shows wall would pay for itself

United States President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday the wall on the border with Mexico would "pay for itself" and slammed California's policies protecting illegal immigrants. He retweeted an article by Fox News which says: "According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the $18 billion wall will pay for itself by curbing the importation of crime, drugs and illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole..."

"California’s sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional and put the safety and security of our entire nation at risk. Thousands of dangerous & violent criminal aliens are released as a result of sanctuary policies, set free to prey on innocent Americans. THIS MUST STOP!" Trump wrote in a separate tweet.

Earlier, the US president announced he is on his way to see the prototypes for the border wall in California.

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