Trump: Tillerson and I have different mindsets

Politics 3/13/2018, 2:36 PM
Trump: Tillerson and I have different mindsets

United States President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he has a "different mindset" from that of departing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, while he has a "similar thought process" with CIA chief and Tillerson's successor Mike Pompeo. Speaking to reporters, the president said he has had "very good chemistry from the beginning" with Pompeo and stressed that he made the decision to replace the top diplomat by himself.

While Trump said he "respects [Tillerson's] intellect" and appreciates his commitment to the service, he said they "were not really thinking the same." He singled out the issue of the Iran nuclear deal, stating "I think it's terrible, I guess he thought it's OK," but was quick to point out that he still has "a very good relationship" with the former Exxon CEO.

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