Zuckerberg open to testifying before Congress

Business 3/22/2018, 2:37 AM
Zuckerberg open to testifying before Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told CNN he is open to testifying before Congress "if it's the right thing to do" in wake of data scandal that is shaking the social media giant. "I'm not sure we shouldn't be regulated," he also said and added that there are "things like ad transparency regulation that I would love to see."

Zuckerberg also said he is certain someone is trying to meddle in US midterm elections. "I'm sure there's, you know, version two of whatever the Russian effort was in 2016. I'm sure they're working on that, and there are going to be some new tactics we make sure we observe and get in front of them," he said. "The reality here is that this isn't rocket science, I mean there's a lot of hard work that we need to do to make it harder for nation states like Russia to do election interference, to make it so that trolls and other folks can't spread fake news," he added.

Earlier during the interview, social media giant founder said Facebook is going to build a tool in order to tell everybody if their data was breached and going to share that information in the future as well.

On Wednesday, in a post on his Facebook profile Zuckerberg vowed to "investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information" and restrict access to personal data to developers.

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